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So I got my Lukla back in January of 2012 and I simply want to say that they are a fantastic pair of boots, the best I've owned in fact. I have walked El Camino De Santiago in them, twice and used them for every single hike I do at home. Being a hobbyiest landscape photographer needing good gear is a must. I still wear them, but as you can expect with this kind of abuse, they are starting to get a beat beaten up and the sole is wearing, however they still seem to be completely water tight. The fit was perfect, the grip was great, they are 100% water proof, still very breathable in comparison to other brands I have used.

Absolutely fantastic pair of boots, but alas I must finally replace them. It is unfortunate that you do not still do them, although I get the impression that the Supalite is the replacement? If so I would seriously suggest these boots to anyone. Sadly though, my budget will not allow me to spend another £130 on boots at this moment and my replacement will be cheaper and no doubt inferior to the Lukla.

Anyway my point here is great job.

Críostóir MacAodha.

16 May 2014 00:44

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Post Re: Lukla
If it's just the sole that's dying, consider a re-sole. In general I think the stiffer a boot the better a re-sole works (my guess is the upper is less stretched by the sole deforming, but it's just a guess) and some just aren't the same afterwards... but it's less than a new pair and on a good boot (I think Brashers can be said to be okay!)you've a fair chance of a good result.

Personally I only use boots these days if I'm likely to be using crampons or skis. Shoes (and sandals) are lighter, cheaper and the only real downside sort of serious climbing/skiing rigidity are stuff gets in the top a bit more easily. Boots are a bit of a sacred cow and people tend to go on and on about ankle support, but have a look at a mountain marathon and it's soon evident it's a bit of a red herring.


19 May 2014 15:10

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Post Re: Lukla
I also have the Lukla boot - 2 years old now and worn every single day for daily hiking/hill walks. They are very battered and cracked across the front on both sides (general wear) so it is time to replace them. They are not so watertight these days. I am wondering what to replace them with. They have been a great boot and yes I wish Rohan still did them. The boots don't seem as great as they used to be. I also bought the nubuck and sheepskin long lace up boots (again a couple of years old) by brasher and they were lovely but nothing like that of that quality has appeared in the range since. It would be good to see some high quality winter boots again using those high quality products.

24 Aug 2014 18:45
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