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 men's leg lengths
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Post men's leg lengths
A question from my husband. Why so few men's trousers in a longer leg length? He's not that tall but needs a 33" length. He was all set to buy the Vine coloured waterproof trousers but they were too short.

15 May 2013 17:25

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Post Re: men's leg lengths
Thank you for your email.

I am sorry we do not currently manufacture the Dry Requisite trousers in vine in the long length. We do have the ink available if this would be an alternative for you.

Ideally, we would like to manufacture all styles in the full range of leg lengths but unfortunately, we are limited to the number of units we can produce in a season.

We are keen to receive customer feedback and your coments have been passed for inclusion in the comprehensive report compiled for our Design team.

Kind regards
Customer Services

16 May 2013 09:55

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Post Re: men's leg lengths
I must admit that Rohan trousers are the only ones that I sometimes find a bit short too.
Most are OK, but one or two pairs end up mid shin when sat down (not a good look!)
I am 5' 10 and buy regular length in every brand, never experiencing this problem previously.

17 Jul 2013 18:53

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Post Re: men's leg lengths
Dear Rohan, look at all the posts across the boards on the subject of leg lengths. Can you see the pattern? We all want to buy your excellent kit but can't because it's not available in the right length. Unfinished (ala Bags) would do, but oh no, just the lengths that fit average sizes...
Far be it from me to tel you how to stay in business but come on, pull your finger out. Jeans in leg lengths of 33-35 inside would sell, trust me!
Please get this perpetual issue sorted.

20 Jul 2013 18:13

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Post Re: men's leg lengths
Totally agree. My husband needs 34" and definitely would buy if the length was available!!

21 Jul 2013 17:00
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